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Recruitment of citizens of Belarus and other CIS countries for work abroad

About us
Profijobs was first established in 2010 and since then has become a leader in international recruitment. Today we are a group of companies with offices in Belarus and Poland. We now operate in the majority of Eastern European countries: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and as well as in some EU contries.

Profijobs - it is a new kind of recruitment company. Together with our candidates and employers we constitute the network of partners, based on responsibility, respect and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Our experience in international recruitment together with our deep knowlege of the CIS and Estern European market specifics and procedures allows us to successfully implement the most complex projects.

We do business under the state license of the Ministry of internal affairs of the Republic of Belarus.

Why companies cooperate with us?

Our company has a special license, issued by the Ministry of the Interior of Belarus, which allows us to manage international recruitments. Our main office located in Brest, Belarus.
Honest cooperation
We cooperate only with direct employers who offer legal employment for our candidates on fair terms.
Our company provides a guarantee for all our services. We have access to the local job market and cooperate with local education centers. In case of necessity, a new employee will be quickly delivered to your company.
our specialty
We specialize in staff recruitment for various industries, including hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, aviation companies and others.

To hire workers from CIS countries :

Contact us
Or just fill in and send us your order. Our manager will contact you to discuss the details of your order, terms of cooperation and employment conditions.
Signing the contract and legal formalities
In accordance to the Law of the Republic of Belarus all legal company documents as well as signed contracts must be registered at local immigration department first, before the recruitment process starts. In order to start cooperation we will need your company's registration documents, draft of employment contract andthe international contract on assistance in employment .
We are starting the recruiting process. The best candidates will be presented to you at the earliest possible date. All employees will be verified for compliance with formal requirements at once with checking the history of employment. We will conduct an interview with selected candidates via skype or personaly in one of our offices in Minsk or Warsaw.
Your company provides a work permit in local authorities. Meanwhile, candidates are preparing for departure. Our company will do everything possible to simplify this period for the candidates, as well as help them overcome all the formal issues related to this process.
We do our job with passion
Satisfied customers

Candidates in our database
Completed projects

After completing all the formalities, the recruitment process becomes easy and fast, and our company will be an additional channel for your recruitment.

from 9:00 to 18-00
Tel/faks: +375 (162) 28 59 29

+ 375 (44) 737 09 00 (whatsapp, viber)
+ 375 (33) 318 83 47


Private enterprise

UNP 290849040
Licence of Ministry of internal affairs № 33030/1816

Main office for contact and correspondence :
Sovetskaya 46/60,

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